Western digital lost my drive?

Is there any way to speak to a person in the support department? I ordered a UPS return label for my drive from the rma page and mailed my drive to

Western Digital
c/o Teleplan Service Logistics INC
1784 Pan American Street
Suite 101 Dock #11 “WD RMA”
Calexico CA 92231

Included my RMA number in 3 sides of the box on 10/16/2018 it was marked as delivered on 10/22/2018 to Hernandez at the docks. I filled out a support ticket on the 29th because I never got an update on my RMA after a week.

Today I got a new email saying a new RMA was opened up and it’s requesting I send in the drive.

In the website my original RMA is listed as “open” and the new one someone (wd) opened is listed as “submitted”

Hi Stewhy,

We have sent a message, please check your Community Message Inbox.

I’ve had a similar experience which has been going on since November 3rd. I have gone back and forth with random email-bot support reps and finally decided to call and spoke with someone today.

Backstory…So, they finally responded to my inquiry about no updates with something like I sent a drive with a different serial number than what the RMA was for…say what? I checked all my devices, running in production mind you, and none match the serial number they replied as what they claimed I sent.

Then I thought…theory…this doesn’t jive

This same physical device, in this bay of the array, was replaced. They sent a replacement drive to me and that [physical] drive was potentially a refurb of the exact (physical) drive I sent them but with a different sticker containing all the information I used to RMA it again in this scenario (it dies/went unresponsive in the array but new device works etc).

So, when the drive arrived at their facility (same situation with random dude XYZ signs for it) they scanned the square code and somehow in a parallel universe I think they didn’t update their inventory database with the updated [text] numerical serial number on the sticker to reflect the newly issued serial number. Odd…maybe I’m wrong but how in the heck could I have entered 2 unique serial numbers and both be in warranty?!?

I am waiting another 5 to 7 days for scooby-doo to come back with something tangible.This is THE FIRST time in over 27 years of technology I have ever experienced such nonsense

WD Pro RED 2 TB…not cheap when I bought it especially buying 10 across 2 NAS devices

To be continued…