Western Digital Live Wire and Windows 10?

I have WD Live Wire installed in my home and the Live Wire utililty worked well with Windows 7. After upgrading to Windows 10 it won’t install. I can’t find a Livewire download compatible with Windows 10. I found a link to “New Software for Western Digital Utility Application Installer,” but the dropdown menu does not list Live Wire. Any suggestions?

I’m pretty sure the Live Wire devices are EOL or end of life and WD is no longer writing software for them.

Thanks, Tim. After I wrote this inquiry I was able to download a LiveWire Utility file (originated in 2010) which was tied in with a WinPcap file v 4_1_1.exe. I tried to install it and got the message that “A newer version of WinPcap (internal version is already installed on this machine. The installation will be aborted.” I scanned the file with three programs, and it had no malware attached. I then opened up my Windows 10 virtual machine and downloaded the same LiveWire file with PinPcap attached. The LiveWire utility installed on that machine, maybe because there was no previous installation of WinPcap on the virtual machine. I haven’t been able to delete the more recent WinPcap file from my desktop PC. I’m surprised that the WD utility just didn’t use the more recent WinPcap file. At this point I’m stumped.

I finally got the Western Digital LiveWire Utility installed. The problem was a newer version of the WinPcap file already on my computer was preventing the installation of the WD program which used an older version of WinPcap in conjunction with the LiveWire Utility installation. To circumvent this situation I performed a search for two files: wpcap.dll and packet.dll and found them in the System32 and SysWOW64 folders in Windows 10. I labeled them both as “old” (e.g.: wpcap.dll.old), and this allowed the installation of the LiveWire Utility to move forward. Then it stopped with a message that a Windows driver (npf.sys) was preventing the installation. I clicked on “ignore,” which was a selection in that window, and the installation completed. So far the LiveWire utility is working, and I haven’t noted any adverse effects from the relabeling of the files.

Fantastic, now turn off the computer and go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine… LOL