Western digital hard drive green error

hello ive just tried all-day to get these hards drive going and they work on my x56 motherboard setup but i also bought these other pc componets which i finished building yesterday, which are the same specs for both of the pcs im. trying to get the western digitals as i have two seperate hard drives and im installing 1 hard drive on one pc and the other hard drive on the other pc they are both western digital green hard drives but i get this message 0x80070057 and thats todo with the formatting of hard drive and also this after ive put the product key for windows vista ultimate 64bit 
western digital 2tb green 64 meg cache ,novatech psu 500 watts modular 80 ,amd phenom 1055t 2.8,sapphire 5450 graphics card 512mb novatech dvd rewritable drive,motherbaord is asus m4n68t v2 and g skill 8 giga ram 1600 mhz .

all is well now you need windows 7 as it goes pass the 1.5 tb scale then it can be done or use a magic partion program and makes up to 400 gig then 600 then 400 then 600 leaving you with 2 tb if your using older programs like xp and vista