Western Digital Greens for a Raid6 Setup

Hello everyone…

I was originally going to use 10x Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB HDD’s for my HTPC/ Home Server and run them in a Raid6 setup…

But then I found out that I shouldn’t use the greens for a raid setup with the new WD20EARS models… The reason is because you want to have drives with time limited error recovery… so that you avoid having any of the drives fall out of the array due to extended error recovery times.

I then found out that on the older WD20EADS model drives you could turn this feature off… which they have changed so you can’t turn it off on the newer models…

I already have 6x Western Digital Green 1TB HDD’s so I thought I might just use these for my Raid6 setup instead and upgrade to 2TB Blacks later… But does anyone know if the models I have will be the same as the new models where the feature cant be turned off?

These are the models I have:

If possible can anyone make or link me to a list with all the different Western Digital Hard drives and model numbers that shows weather or not they have this feature?

Thanks =)

Caviar Green and Blacks are only “recommended” for software RAID 0 or 1.