Western Digital External Drives and Windows 7 SP1 64 bit

I am wondering if the Windows 7 compatibility notice that appears on the boxes accompanying Werten Digital External drivesves means what it says. Will the USB 3.0 2 TB and above compacity drives not only perform a file backup, but also perform a system image backup using the Windows 7 backup and restore pogram?

Comparable Seagate external drives definitely will not do this, in spite of the Windows 7 logo appearing on their boxes. To me, and hopefully Microsoft, compatible means that it works with the functions built into the operating system. That is, plug it in, run backup, and library files and folders are backed up along with a system image written to the drive.

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WD uses compatibility logos for scope of support and general compatibility. Windows Backup on Windows 7 and Server 2008 has an issue handling Advanced Format (4K) hard drives that don’t feature 512b emulation support (512e). Even though modern WD drives should feature 512e, WD offers the Quick Formatter tool for this very purpose.