Western Digital Elements 1TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive


I installed this External HD 2 years ago when I bought my PC which I now have to restore to factory settings. I’m confused as to whether I downloaded any back-up software or needed to. I have assumed all along that it was doing a back up - and there is now 700GB of data saved on it - but I’m still not clear if  I will readily recover all that data when I restore the PC.

One of the main files on the External HD has my name + Vaio (my PC) - when I right click on this it gives one option as ‘Restore my files from this Backup’. Alnother option is ‘Manage space used by this backup’. When I open that it shows that I have 295GB in Data File backup and 396GB in System Image. So I would guess that I do have a backup.

The reason I’m still confused is that I understand this HD comes without backup software. I see there is a link to download it from the WD website. I don’t ever remember downloading it as I just assumed it was a plug & play device that came fully integrated with software.

I see if I download the backup software it will wipe the external HD - so I could then do a back up then - but just a bit nervous that I screw this HD up in the process. As you can tell I have limited knowledge on this subject & very grateful for any  help.

Many thanks

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How did you make the backup? Elements doesn’t come with any software.