Western Digital Dashboard not updating to latest

I get the “New Application available” within my Dashboard to update to However, trying to update, results in the total uninstallation of the Dashboard software and not actually updating it. . I can’t locate the newest version as a standalone download either. (Windows 10 ,SSD Plus ) Any suggestions? #WDUserRewards

Same here. notified me that an update is ready to install. I clicked on install, then it removed and went to installing It then would not open, so I removed it all entirely thinking that as in the past when this happened, I would simply download from the WD Download webpage and install it; but low and behold, it is not available at this time on the download webpage. is still there. 21 April 2022, 11:24 Daylight Savings Eastern Zone

22 April 2022, still not installable. The download for Dashboard still shows, but when you click on it, it downloads, but progresses only so far then hangs for infinity - I’ve been there!
How’s about fixing it Western Digital; eh?