Western Digital Dashboard automatic start switch immediately back

Dear Community and WD-Support Team,

I have a fresh correct clean installed Windows 10 and so I installed the latest Version of
Western Digital Dashboard ( - Installer:
Everytime I start the program, and click on the Settings-Tab,
switch it to start “automatic”, firstly i can’t choose start minimized neither more, it’s not chooseable,
after a restart, Dashboard does’nt starts automatically. So I start the program again and
the switch was reset to off. Same happens with explicit admin-rights. And same happens before i do
a clean Windows 10 install with formating.

Pls. someone got an idea or can WD clearly do a fluid software, like in the past, before they was full
of bugy-command-strings?

Hi @attica,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: