Western Digital Customer Loyalty Program request for comments

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the forum and am prompted to post a question asking for your comments on Western Digitals Customer Loyalty program.

Specifically, your opinions on the value of the CLP for purchasing replacement Internal Hard Drive and your experience as far as How you went about purchasing through WD for the CLP?

I was referred to ‘Manage My Account’ by WD Customer Support but did not have the information to register my current HDD from a 2 yr. old Dell XPS 8300 system - So, I do not yet see a Customer Loyalty Program icon displayed on ‘Manage My Account’ - which I’m assuming the old HDD Registration  is required before the CLP icon displays…

Also, if you have any experience upgrading a Dell XPS 8300 from a 500Gb HDD to a 2Tb HDD, I would also appreciate your insights.

Thank you,


Hi well first of all if the drive came in a prebuilt PC like a Dell or HP it has one year warranty from either Dell or HP. WD will not support a branded OEM drive they provide no warranty you can not register the drive with them or use the  Customer Loyalty program with that type of drive. Sorry but that is just the way all Hard Drive Companies work.


Thank you for taking the time to reply.

However, this was not a ‘Warranty’ question - but a question about purchasing a new/replacement WD HDD directly from Western Digital to upgrade an older WD HDD that is out of warranty or close to the end of its warranty.

I was searching for possible HDD upgrades and came across this on the Western Digital site - the information claims that some type of discount will be offered for a new purchase and I was wondering if any of the forum members had participated in the program.

I was wondering, if you have any HDD’s registered on your WD Account, could you check to see if you have a ‘Customer Loayalty’ icon on your ‘Manage My Account’ screen?  I was not able to get the HDD information last night to register on my WD Account and I suspect that’s what is required.  The WD Customer Support person indicated I should see that icon there.

Thank you,


Hi yes I see that icon on all the drive’s I have registered with WD but all my drive’s where bought by me they did not come with a prebuilt PC. I will say again if your hard drive came with your Dell you will not be able to register it or upgrade it as all the support for that drive would come from Dell for one year. This link will explain the upgrade process. https://websupport.wdc.com/store/upgrade/productssfdc.asp?order_source=4&sfaccountid=001U000000IfAerIAF&sfnow=1387393074&sfvalcode=G7qf7mE3adHjAFxik4uQ1uVt/4Qssm9/gg/s/w7hTl1JZfuQKEZGmxRzCirUe0DuXZZQ2clUUzrZ5c5dT9bii+6KaHueEdaUwZdtSsX8eylnfuiRo3nCaUEMHsevp9RFzA+4MO8BZYTD03QPfL1tZXmPZtkpt7ITkOErXmkoa6Q=&sn=&sflang=en_US

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