Western Digital Caviar SE16 320GB Questions

  1. Is this three year old sata hard drive still capable on new AM3+ Boards, for example  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128519/

  2. It has never been open before so does anybody have any doubts if it would not work out of the box/

  3. Would a newer cpu like the AMD Phenom 2 chipsets still be able to read it properly?

  4.  Wold windows 7 work even though it says windows vista?

  5. Would bulldozer work with this old hard drive?

  6. Please give your opinions, I may seem noobish to others but I need to make sure the one that I own would be good for my new build I am putting together.

3- Yes

4- Yes

5- Yes

The drive will work with Windows 7, I have a friend using the same drive and he has Windows 7 Ultimate, working without any issue.

In regards of the Board that you linked, I’m not so sure, I think this boards are backward compatible with SATA II drives only. I might be mistaken.

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Thank you so much for the info, I was very hesitant but you have eased my concerns and thanks again!