Western Digital Caviar Green issues

Well, my first WDCG would not work as a primary harddrive. No matter what, it would error if the system tried to boot from it. RMA’d and got another one, which seemed fine, but sometimes, when looking at “my computer” in Windows 7, nothing is there, or one of my partitions reports 0kb free, or some other misinformation. Also, when adding small files/changing file names or settings/ect, folders won’t automatically update. Pressing F5 will solve this issue, but this hasn’t happened with any other harddrive in Windows 7. All other hardware is the same, the HDD is all that changed. Is this a driver issue or a defective drive?

Have you checked your drive for errors and defragmented it?  Also, does it pass WD’s S.M.A.R.T. and Extended Tests using either of our Windows or DOS-based diagnostics?