Western digital Caviar black 640gb rattled and its not older than two weeks

So I bought a new WD Caviar black 640GB drive and I’m happy with the speed the drive gives me but is it normal that a new hard disk makes a rattling noise when it’s not older than two weeks.

My old Maxtor diamond Max 10 200gb is make less rattling noise than my caviar black 640 gb.

Is there any solution or is it broke or something.

Because when I bought a new Wd caviar 320gb copper edition for my dad id didn’t make any noise at all.

And when I bought my Maxtor diamond Max 7 yeas ago it was a still as can be.

So is it only with this drive or is it normal that the WD6401AALS makes this noise and any other drive not.

Can somebody please help me to find a solution

hp error1b.JPGMy new drive is making a clicking noise is that what you are hearing?  Plus it gave me this error now.