Western Digital Blue Scorpio Laptop Internal Drive Temperature High

Yesterday i bought an New hard disk ( (WD5000LPVX-75VOTTO) for my Dell Laptop, i notice that on Room temperature it’s temprature always remains b/w 45-50C. So is This Normal, Should i worry About it??? Because i read that Higher Temperature can cause hard drive Fail Soon…  :confounded:

its a safe temperature ( but you are in yellow stage )  try to go to the 30s “is more safe”

but since its a laptop its not easy…   see if the laptop dont have any dust inside

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But Before WD i have an seagate hard drive installed on Same Laptop whose temperature always remains B/w 40-43C, then why WD Temperature is High as Compared to SeaGate??? :confounded:

Hi that is because the seagate drives are different than WD ones also the WD Blue drive you bought has a max Temp of 60 C so 45 or 50 c is just fine.

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