Western Digital Black - WD5000LPLX Models and Warranty

Hello everyone, i have three questions

  1. what is the latest version of the WD5000LPLX. I see at least 3 different models/labels.
    What is the latest model ( can be on the images or not). Is tehre any difference in performance and noise

  2. About warranty, for the 5 years warranty i need to buy from a reseller that is listed on the wd site here?
    If yes, i have to say that on Portugal, two of them are alrady closed leaving me with two overpriced sellers. We have more reputable sallers that say that WD gives 5 year warranty.

  3. If i buy internationally, do you know any fakes that i have to be aware of, and how can i tell that is fake by the images?

Thanks for help in advance

It’s recommended. This is to avoid getting a different unit than the one you are paying for.

Yes, for the mobile version, this is the latest one.

Thansk for the response. about the models, maybe i didn’t explain it correctly. Don’t know if you looked at the images but the LPLX has 3 diffeerent labels. one has QRcode, other doesn’t, another is W5000LPLX-75ZNTT0, other is W5000LPLX-6ZNTT0. And on the site the presentation images has a label that doesn’t have that big circle on the center. it may exist more labels, these are just examples. What is the last version/model? Does it realy matther in performace and noise.