Western Digital Black for Steam Machine


the Steam Machine prototype has a Seagate 1 TB storage/8 GB SSD cache hdd.

I would be happy to have a Western Digital Black hdd with increased SSD cache hdd.



Similar Idea submitted on the link bellow: http://community.wd.com/t5/Internal-Drive-Ideas/WD-Black-as-an-upgrade-option-for-Steam-Machine-or-PS4/idi-p/651359Regards, Robothief.


I was purchased one 2TB Hard disk before a few months age. But I can’t use one them. suddenly the hard disk can’t read. But I ahve no Idea how to check out the Drive, I am also noy getting any service Centre Name & address in Kolkata, India from where I  can Check the Drive or gte replecement from the same. Can any body help me by supplying the address of the Service Centra at Kolkata, India? you also mail me  [Deleted]

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