Western Digital Black drive WD1002FAEX showing up at 3.0GB/S SATA 2.6

So I just downloaded a copy of HD Tune to check the speed of my new SSD and I noticed for my WD Black Drive it says SATA 2.6 (3.0) Gb/s

My 2 Solid State drives show SATA 3 (6.0 GB/s) as well as my Western Digital Green 2TB drive.     Something is definitely wrong since it says the average speed of my WD Green Drive is 117MB/s and the Black drive is 89MB/s.

They are plugged correctly into the SATA 3 ports  I have 4  and then I have 2 Blu-Ray drives plugged into the SATA 2 ports.   Any idea why the Black drive is wrong?


Make sure you don’t have PHY enabled for that drive. Make sure the drive does not have a jumper on pins 5-6.

Check this link for more information.


Thanks for the info.  I checked the drive and it has no jumpers on it, so it should be running at full 6GB’s.  Also double checked to make sure it was in the right port and I was using a SATA3 cable.  Any other ideas?

Does this help?