Western digital 500 GB external hard drive can not transfer files

i have a western digital external hard drive which is detected by the computer when i connect it and i can also access it, i can also transfer data from the computer to the external harddrive but i  can’t transfer data from the hard drive to my computer , 


Do you get any error messages? If you connect the drive in different computer do you experience the same issue?

I have a similar problem , 

my story , i was using fine the disk till my computer freezed under windows 7 , i rebooted and the disk was slow really slow to detect then i realise i cant transfer or even format it , i plug the same disk in other laptop and disk works fine , but the thing is i have another disk of wd , and this one was not conected on the freeze problem , so this one acts the same as the other , doesent work properly on one laptop and works perfect on the other .

i assume is a windows problem that somethins crashed , thing is i think my self the usbs ports are not working , well i try to attach another wd disk but this one internal one as externet using an external case and this one works perfect.

i just dont want to re install windows 7 , any idea what can we do to solve this problem with the passports drives ??

the laptop is a toshiba cosmio x500 , thnks in advance for any clue