Western Digital 1TB External HD for Mac

I recently purchased a 1TB WD Passport for my MacbookPro. When I attempt to connect this external drive to my Samsung LED television, it isn’t recognized. I called Samsung support and they said that it had to be a certain format for the tv to recognize it. Is there some type of firmware or software that would allow me to connect this drive to my television? Any one ever have this problem? Photo of drive enclosed for reference. HD

Did they mention what format it needed NTFS or FAT32?


He didn’t really specify. MSD maybe? But I’m assuming that just means MSD. I’m sort of at a loss in this whole thing.

Mass storage device* Also, I plugged a standard flash drive into the HDD USB port on my television and it read it perfectly. But when I plug the External Hard Drive in, I get nothing

I don’t know much about the TV/Video part. Try sending RoofingGuy a PM he’s pretty knowledgable about them.


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I’ll do that. Thanks for your help.