Western 320 giga delay boot problem

hi there  guys . its my first  post and i wish i  will find help >

i updated  my pc  except  my western  320 giga  byte hard disk . i had little problem . that  the pc  doesn’t  boot  with out restart . when i boot the pc   it  didn’t dected the hard disk only the  dvd .   and  say inster  disk and blah blah . when i press  restart . it dected the  hard disk and the  windows load . i contact  the mother board  for bois , they do check and  every thing is working fine . first boot  is  the  hard disk . the problem is the  bois load before the hard disk .that is why its not  beeing dected  during the first boot .they advice me to buy new  hard disk .  now the  question is  there new  software  that can fix the  dealy booting of the  hard disk  or new firm ware > or  i have to buy new western   hard disk which is faster . i bought  that one only 2 years  ago . 

thanks for understanding

Try checking if you have any BIOS updates for the motherboard, also be sure to change the hard drive as the first boot option.