WEP protection preventing connection [Solved]

I have followed all the steps here: http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Networking/Unable-to-obtain-an-IP-address-The-media-player-has-limited-or/td-p/186488 I cannot get my new WD TV Live to connect to my wireless network. Keep getting a “Unable to obtain IP address” error. However, the strange thing is that if I remove the WEP key on my network, the WD TV is able to connect to it without problems. Why is this? And it wasn’t because of a typo. I changed my networks WEP key to 10 zeros and tried connecting the WD TV Live, and it still seem to have failed. Why is this happening? It’s just a standard 64-bit wep key.

[Solved] - I switched to a WPA wireless protection instead, and now it works.

Dude.  STOP MULTIPOSTING!    You’ve posted this same question four times.

I’m sorry. I only posted it 3 times (not 4) because I was unsure which forum to post it in.