Went from PC to Mac.. How do I backup My Passport so I can reformat it to my Mac?

Here’s the deal… I went from a PC to a Mac with my passport. I originally had a mac but I didn’t use my Passport on it. My passport is unwriteable in my mac, readable and I cant take files from it, but I cannot put any files in it from my Mac, which will be my main laptop to use. I tried to download the Smartware but it seems there is no Mac option? How do I back up my disk so I can reformat it for a Mac? I want to be able to move files back and forth from my mac to passport, etc. And I don’t want to lose 500GB worth of files. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Once you connect the drive to the MAC, you should be able to see the drive as read only and you should be able to take the informaiton out of the drive manually.

Once you do that, you should be able to format the drive to make it fully compatible with the Mac. If the drive is not showing as read only, you will need to get the information out of the drive from a windows computer and you will need to format the drive on Fat 32 or MS-DOS Fat to make it compatible with both systems.


Thank you for replying. Unfortunately, my Passport external hard drive is about 1 TB and my Macbook hard drive is only 250GB. I have about 500GB worth of data in my Passport. I had the idea of just transferring files back and forth but, I do not have enough room on my macbook either.

Thank you again for replying! Hopefully I can figure out a way to format it for my Mac :frowning: