Well, here's what worked for me

Last week I went to the local Target Store for some gum.  While inside the store, I wandered over to the electronic section to browse for any new IPAD accessories.  None.  But that is when I discovered the on sale price for a WD 320 GB Passport for 47 dollars (US).  Great price, so I grabbed one before they sold out.

My computer is a ‘getting old now’ Dell Latitude D620, using XP PRO.  I plugged the WD in and it immediately went to work without any problems.  Except that it wasn’t backing up the C: drive in the manner that I wanted it to do.  WD’s Smartware apparently is programmed to backup only certain files (ie. My Documents, etc.), which in their defense, does well.  However, I wanted the WD to backup the entire C: drive, a mirror image, in the event of a mechanical failure.  Incremental file backup would also be nice, and I wanted everything to be done automatically and without any noticeable slowdown in the computer.  I messed with the thing for days, but I could find no way to make the preloaded proprietary Smartware software in the WD external drive accommodate my needs. 

So, I read this forum, took some ideas, opinions and advice to do the following:

First, I downloaded and executed the freeware program ‘HP Format Tool’ to nuke the drive.  It may have not erased the VCD stuff, but I don’t see it or am bothered by it, so it is a none issue for me.

Secondly, I downloaded the freeware program ‘Macruim Reflect’ and tested it for a couple of days.  Now this is one great program for my needs as outlined above. So good in fact, that I purchased the full version for 33 dollars (using an on line 15% off coupon), which adds the incremental file backups.

So, now I’ve got the backup system I originally wanted and hoping that a catastrophic failure of my internal drive does not prove me wrong.

Not sure why I wrote this message; it serves absolutely no purpose.  Just my experience with the WD 320.

Thanks for reading anyway.

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