Welcome to the My Book Live Duo Community forum

WD welcomes you to the new My Book Live Duo community board.  Please feel free to share your experiences with each other about the My Book Live Duo. 

Bill_S wrote:

WD welcomes you to the new My Book Live Duo community board.

Why thank you…thank you very much…

Now give us all the details… what is the My Book Live Duo? Why should I buy one over the regular 'ol My Book Live Uno?

Yes, please give us more details;

Everything you want to know is HERE:


I quess we just have to wait for other user before thinking of buying. There are so many problems with the MBL. I kind of regret getting 2 of it.

Your kidding me right? The MBL is the most solid NAS on the market. I have several and am quite happy with them…

I am regretting getting 2 of the MBL. Should have just get one only. The My Book Live is great, but after the firmware update. The color blicking light is dead. Sometimes it runs during the night, even tho no one is using it. Twonky server never got an update version. Now they having this new My Book live Duo.

Wonder if the Media Streaming DLNA  is better then townky and what is the different between them.

even tho it is a duo with two hard drive. Can we use them separatly instead of having 2 drive with the same files.

I never use any duo version, so i don’t know.

The Duo uses a different DLNA server, not Twonky.

In my opinion, it’s not as solid as Twonky, but I never had any problems with Twonky, either…

The DUO’s DLNA Server isn’t as versitile as Twonky, either.

At a quick glance via the link provided a few posts back - it appears that the My Book Live Duo - is basically the RAID version of the My Book Live.  It appears to have a USB 2.0 port on the back.  This port isn’t mentioned on the spec sheet and I don’t see it on any of the marketing material.  I noticed the USB port on the 360 view only.  I looked at the PDF manual for the MBL Duo - and it indicates that the USB 2.0 port is for attaching an external drive.  From the manual it appears that the USB port is intended to provide the capability of making a standalone USB drive network accessible.  It also states that a USB attached drive will also work with Time Machine.

Additionally in looking through the manual - there is no mention of factory restore/full factory restore - there is only mention of using the reset button on the back to reset the default password for the admin login.

This product looks to me as though it addresses two of the big shortcomings of the My Book Live - which is RAID capability and an external USB port.

Also - the safepoint functionality still exists - and another NAS drive (or My Book Live) can still be used to create a safe point (in addition to having the raid functionality).

This product looks to me like it would be more desirable to the general consumer than the MBL.  This now leaves me with several concerns  1)  Did WD make any improvements to the less than perfect behavior of the MBL in the Mac world - (e.g. AFP issues, sleep issues related to AFP shares, time machine backup extreme slowness, and the annoying "new time machine backup must be created problem - that many are still experiencing?   2) Is WD now going to abandon any attempts at enhancing the My Book Live firmware/functionality - or are they only going to focus on the Duo?



To answer your questions:

1/ AFP Issues, Sleept issues…etc., time machine issues.

We rely on the open source implemenation called netatalk. The same version of netatalk is in the Duo. There is a newer version of netatalk that was released recently that we will wrap into a maintance release.

Sleep issues. We believe that we have most if not all of the issues resolved in the Duo (I know - famous last works). We will be rolling these changes back into the My Book Live in a maintenance release.

Time Machine issues - we have done extensive testing of time machine. To date, we have been unable to duplicate issues being reported. We will continue working this.

“2) Is WD now going to abandon any attempts at enhancing the My Book Live firmware/functionality - or are they only going to focus on the Duo?”

We are committed to supporting both products throughout the year with additional software releases.


Tony - Thanks for the explanation.   I think I will wait until the maintenance release before troubleshooting further.  Overall, the MBL is much more stable with the latest release than with prior releases of the firmware - at least from my use perspective.

With regards to the “AFP 30 Minute Wake Issue” - I made some interesting discoveries by closely observing the behavior of my Apple Time Capsule in this same scenario.  I will report these on that original thread.