Weird Video Quality


I’ve bought a WDTV live hub recently and I must say that I’m a little bit surprised by the video quality…

On my Mac the videos are awesome : good quality, good sound, etc… but when I try to play thoses videos on my WDTV I get those red squares that disapear every 4 seconds. Like a slow refresh of the picture… As if my device has problem to decode the encoded videos…

Is there any way to change that ? To get the best quality that de video/WDTV can give ?

Thank for you help !

Well, that sounds odd…  I never get anything but perfect video on my box.

I would think there may be one or two issues you’re encountering:

1-  Video may not be a supported format.   Please post the full TEXT output of MEDIAINFO for such a file.

2- Your network (if you’re streaming via network) may not be able to handle the bitrate required.   Does it do that if you’re playing the video from the local HD?

Weird. Video quality is about the only thing I haven’t had an issue with.

I read the video from the hard drive of the WDTV. I have this problem with every kind of videos (.avi, .mkv…)

Could it be the HDMI cable ? I’ve tryed with the cable from my PS3 and I’ve had the same problem… I’m so frustrated… Because everything is just so perfect with this box…

Could it be a problem with the chip ?


Two devices exhibiting the same issue would definately point the finger at the cable or downstream hardware.

Just go buy yourself a new HDMI cable (I highly recommend the Amazon Basics HDMI cable; that’s all I ever use.)

Also try swapping ports on your downstream hardware to see if it’s a connector or port problem.

Thanks for the advice !

I’ll try with a better HDMI cable. I hope this is where the problem comes from :slight_smile:

Ok so I bought an expensive/fancy HDMI cable and still get the refresh problem…

I can’t believe that this is normal. Something must be wrong with the hardware… Except if someone tells me that he has the same “red squares” that get more and more intense and disapear every 4/5 seconds to leave that “greenish” effect…

Still need help here :slight_smile:

Try a different HDMI port on your TV.

Nope, still have the same problem…

I’m doomed.

Cable’s fine. Tv’s fine… I’ll try to post a youtube video next time. So everyone would be able to tell me if there’s something wrong with the picture.

Thx !