Weird users set on y new drive!

I purchased a 3TB My Cloud Drive from Maplis Store in London, I brought it home and began the setup process, once i installed the software it went through to completion with no errors, however during the User Setup stage of the setup process it created 2 users and I have no idea who they are. The main admin user for the account is ‘ananchai’ and the email address associated with it is [Deleted]

There was another user with a hotmail account but i deleted it, this other account i mentioned i cant delete as it tells me i dont have permission!!! Im confused, because what it seems like to me that has happened here is that I’ve been sold a drive who someone else before me had access to! So i was sold a second hand drive advertised as new at full price. Is that the case or does this drive automatically set up these two users?

For the life of me i cant figure out how im meant to reset it or format it and im quite worried about someone else having access to this drive as its connected to my network, maybe they installed malware on it which will give them access to my pc? Who knows! What should I do, take it back to the store or is this how they are setup?!

Thanks i appreciate any help

Nope…this definitely sounds like a previously-used drive. Return it to the store and ask for abrand new one or full refund.

Looks like a used drive, return it unless this is what you bought (a used drive).

Yup thats what i thought, its a shame that  you cannot even trust a popular high street store to buy electronics from. I paid Full Price (£170) for a new drive i was assured is brand new. The drive center even had notifications in the top where some USB drive had been pulled out of the drive without warning and that some data had been corrupted etc… This is disgusting, for £170 you would expect better service.

I dont think this is a fault with WD but they should be putting rules in place with these retailers. Im going now to refund it and get a full refund, i think ill place my order for the hard drive off Amazon instead