Weird Smartware Backup Result: Backup is old data not latest!

Hi All,

First time post so hope this is correct spot.  3 days i bought a WD Passport Essential 320G, installed it, updated Firmware to latest (2.019), updated Smartware to latest (, and performed a backup.  The backup seemed to work ok, *except* when i used Windows Explorer to view/check the contents of the Passport drive the contents of the Backup directory does not match the current data on my pc … in fact the content on the Passport drive appears to be what my pc contained about 2.5 years ago … ie. old folder names i have since deleted, old files no longer on my C: drive, etc …very weird !!  Has anyone else had, and solved, this problem ?



OK, i’ve now done the following:

  1. erased the entire My Passport disk contents, using the Smartware ‘Disk Erase’ button

  2. removed Smartware from my pc, via Control Panel

  3. downloaded the Smartware software, via

  4. reloaded Smartware to My Passport and to my pc

  5. rechecked i have the latest firmware (2.019)

  6. rechecked i have the latest software (

  7. rerun the backup

And the result …same as before !!! Somehow the Smartware software has dug back into my pc’s C: drive and made a backup of the pc contents as it was around May 2008 !!!

What is going on ?

C’mon you technical guru’s, don’t hold back on helping out … please

Dispondent Dave

This is a users forum. Smartware backs up with it’s own method.I don’t have any idea what’s going on with your Smartware backup. I only used it once and uninstalled it. I use the paid 2010 version of this  It’s more flexible and going into backup with explorer is like looking at your PC as far as file names and locations. This will backup the entire system if you wish.