Weird problem with resolution


I am wondering if there is something wrong with my copy of my WD TV.

I cant put my wd tv live into 1080p resolution mode while i have a full hd samsung LE40M87BD tv. The highest resolution i can get is 1080i 60hz. The second weird thing is when i put the device into “auto” mode the unit sets itself to 480p mode… that doesnt make sence to me. The device is connected with a HDMI cable into my tv and thats about it. Im running firmware 1.04.10.

I have also connected this device to my other samsung 32 lcd tv wich is 1080i. After that i resetted the machine a few times with a hard reset but that didnt help.

anyone knows what the problem is here?

What is the primary source of video to the WD TV?  Not all videos, streaming or even regilar Tv are 1080…some of them says HD but is 720p.