Weird problem with a newly purchased HD regarding warranty

Hey guys, I just purchased a WD 1.5TB Caviar Green HD BNIB from Amazon, there are no problems or anything, but when I went to check on the warranty status, it shows up as “Stolen” on the status. Has anyone had a mix up like this? This is the first time I encountered a problem like this, I have bought many HDs before. I have called WD support and they said I can register, but would need to submit a Proof of Purchase, I have already done this by sending a question with all the needed, but no new updates, it has been a couple of days now. Any suggestions? I am just worried that this drive says this. I received the drive a couple of days ago, and out of the box, it has not been used or anything, as I had to initialize it into partitions and such. I really need this drive, but do wanna bother with this is things get complicated.


Contact WD via email with the drive serial number and the original receipt if the unit is good, they will update the warranty, otherwise you will need to contact the original seller for replacement. 

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Yep, I have already sent an email, awaiting a reply.