Weird Problem related to loss of Fileshare and Juniper VPN Client on business laptop

Hi all

I have a home Network, with a Windows XP machine acting as a fileshare for movies and pictures that I access using my WD TV Live box. It works great, and I never have a problem with it. Until now.

I started a new company and they issued a Lenovo laptop also outfitted with Windows XP. It uses the Juniper SSL VPN Client to establish a connection back to the corporate network. When the VPN software is on, the WD TV Live box cannot see my Windows XP File Share machine. When I disable the VPN or unplug the network cable, the File Share PC becones visible on the WD TV Live box. 

Can anyone help me understand what’s happening here? 

All devices are on a wired network, with a GetGear Gigabit switch acting as the backbone switch. Home router I am using is a WRT310N v2. Like I said, everything is great until I start a VPN session with the Juniper SSL client.

Thanks for your help.

I have never used the Juniper VPN software, but Cisco VPN which I have used works in exactly the same way you describe. So pretty much what I would expect.

While your computer is connected via VPN it is no longer really ‘logically’ connected to your local network. It is connected to the network at the other end of the VPN connection. So your computer can only see network resources on the other end of the VPN connection. Local network devices cannot see your computer because it is no longer part of your local network.

Never found a way around this.

Right.  Your VPN client software would need to support “Split Tunneling.”