Weird mojo with rebuilding

I have a 4TB My Book World RAIDed to 2TB which recently failed. WD Drive Manager indicated that drive 1 had failed, so I sent it in for warranty replacement.  I received the replacement drive today and popped it in.  The lights on the front of the drive continue to go up n down, but nothing is showing up in either Drive Manager or Mac Disk Utility, nor does the drive mount to my desktop.  It’s like it’s just buzzing away but nothing’s happening.  Is that what the rebuilding process is like?  Or is something else going on here?  Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to the WD community.

As soon as you enter the replacement hard drive the rebuild process will start right away. The RAID rebuild may take up to 12 hours depending on drive capacity and activity, but typically completes in 5-7 hours. See page 172 of the manual for more information.


It’s now been 24 hours.  I think something’s amiss!

Is it possible that WD may have sent back the exact same drive that I shipped to them for replacement?  The drive they sent me was not sealed in a bag and had no documentation of any sort with it.  I just find it odd that I get a used drive back and it has the exact same problem as the one I sent in.

dorough, please check your private messages.