Weird LED flashing on MyBook World White LED

Hi, I have  MyBook World White LED 1.5TB.
Today I plugged the power into my HDD, the lowest LED turned on as the boot process begun.
After the boot finished, the LED kept moving up and down repeatedly and the device was not recognized by windows 7, it did respond to ping though.

After few retries, the lowest LED turned on as the boot process begun but it stayed there for couple of minutes with only the lowest LED working and the drive shut down by itself. Pressing the power button repeated the process.

The next interesting phenomenon was when after finishing boot, all leds where on and then they just started blinking like all the even ones together and all the odd ones together, like in a party.

After many many tries, the drive just woke up to life.

The manual does not say a thing about it.


Help. Please.

I have the same dirve and I notice that if the dirve is connected to a power strip sometimes presents this behavior.

Is this a dual drive? If it is it sounds like you could also be having problems with one of the drives and this is cuasing the raid to fail.

Log in to the configuration page and see the status of the RAID and drives.

Its a single 1.5TB drive and its a firsr time it happened. Freaked me out.