Weird Graphic in top center of TV screen

I have had my WD live hub for  week now, loving it, but last night a graphic starting showing up about 6 inches down from the top of the TV screen, it looks almost like the Atom Icon(2 crossed elipses at 90 degrees to each other.  It is acting like a watermark so appears on top of every movie and the home page. It only appears when running the WD Live Hub.

Does anyone have any idea what this is, and how to fix it? Thankyou in advance.


Weird, hope it’s not “Burn-In” on your TV

Grab a Digital Camera … Take a Picture … and Upload it so we can SEE what you are describing.

Use an External Picture Host .  eg. Photobucket, Flickr, Imagebam etc …   if you want us to see the picture quickly

(Images uploaded to WD Servers are Subject to ‘Approval’ which may take 12-24 hrs)

Just tuened it on to get a picture and its gone, will keep the camera handy in case it comes back.


No Probs,

Sounds ‘Spooky’  …  anyways, you know who to call …

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