Weird data transfer question

At average speeds one gets with this drive, how long should it take to transfer about 500gb? I had a scratch disk for my audio and video editing die, and I’m transfering material to a newly built RAID 5 setup. The RAID works as advertised, but I’m not concinved the My Cloud is working as advertised. It is definitely slow for a gigabit connection and I was not aware it would transfer folders as zips until… it did. It would be nice to have an option, then of course, it would be even slower. On the other hand, I like options and settings handy as I’m performing an action. The software is terrible with this device.

I will not be keeping it. However, I have about 1.5 more tb to transfer, so any help would be appreciated.


Would be nice if you can provide numbes and speed test.

On mine (average everythign) it takes less than 50 secs to tranfser from mycloud a 3.5 GB file. Smaller files will take longer cause of the overhead of opening/closing files. You dont have to use their software. In fact I haven’t even installed their software. I just drag/drop in file explorer.

Having a good gigabit router/switch and gigabit PC network is half the story. You also need good drives to be able to read/write fast (sucha s Sata 3 or USB 3) and good network drivers. While gigabit gives you a theoretically 125 MB/s, in reality it is not feasible. I get 80–90 read and 55-60 write (soem even reported an 100MB/s read) . Lower with small files.

There are other software such fastcopy etc … and I tested them all, in reality they are not much faster (IF THEY ARE) than file explorer.

 What do yuo mean transfer folders as zip? How are you doing it? it does noy happen with me.

When I literally dragged the folder from the WD MyCloud software, it created a zipped folder on my raid drive. I wonder if even that process is slowing it down.

I tried mapping the drive, twice! It won’t stay mapped. That’s another issue. Hence, the WD software. I think your advantage is that you don’t actually use it.

I’ll try to re-map the drive before I transfer another chunk of data.

I can’t tell you my transfer speeds because you can’t get that info using the WD software. I could get that info for as long as it’ll stay mapped, I suppose… will try…

EDIT: It just started doing the transfer of the same folder ALL OVER AGAIN for no reason that’s apparent to me, anyway. Copy-loop? :angry:

Another EDIT: I’m getting a range between 20 MB/s and 90MB/s with an average in the mid 60’s now that I’m not using the horrible software. I hope that data transfering keeps the drive from dropping out.

You do not have to map the drive. I have nothing mapped. Just fire up file explorer, on left pane click on network and you should see the drive. click on the drive or network and you should see all shares or whatever you have permissions to. Then just drag and drop.

Make sure you have the NAS homegroup the same as your pc and that is has a static IP address.

The zip creation is still buffling me.

Thanks. I found it. I forgot that I had changed some network settings last night which may be why that’s an option, now.

I can’t believe the extent to which the transfer rate varies. At one point, it came to near halt, which made me worried, but then it resumed after 2-5 seconds. Whew.

As I’m typing this, it went down to 0 bytesback up to 20-30 MB/s…again…nothing else is taxing the network that I know of.

At least time remaining went from 2hrs to 40 minutes in a matter of minutes…

Thanks for your help.

:smiley:Ah the joy of fiddling

I done this many times and more often I’ve forgotten what I did