Weird behavior after 1.06.34 fw Video/audio continues playing in background

Having a very weird issue after upgrading to the 1.06.34 firmware.  I have downgraded to every available official firmware and some beta and custom FW as well.  Something in the 1.06.34 seems to have updated something that’s not easily reversed.

The issue:

I can stream files via upnp/Media Server or samba/Network Share.  At some point after 10-15 minutes of watching, if I pause, rewind or fast forward, the screen switches to an error stating the file is unsupported but the audio continues to play.  If I turn off the unit with the remote and turn it back on, the audio continues to play.  Occasionally, when I turn the unit off, instead of the screen going black, then a still of the video I was watching is still displayed on the screen (unit is off).  Unit still responses to the remote and I can navigate the menu fine.  If I try to play another files, via network or local usb, the original video still is shown on the screen with a spinning ring that goes for as long as I want to wait but never plays the new file (original file audio still playing until the end of that file). 

Also, only able to watch a single video.  At the end of a video, the system does the same, shows the last frame when unit is off and will not play another file.

Which firmware?








What happened?

Video streams over network but stops with user input on remote.  Audio continues to play.

What were you doing?

Watching a video file (mp4 or avi)

Does this happen every time?

Yes, only after 10-15 minutes of watching.  Remote functions work fine at the beginning.  Seems to need a period of idle watching before it will happen.

What hardware and media were you using?


Did this happen with previous firmware?

No. But after upgrades to 1.06.34, occurs with all old FW.

Does power cycling the unit solve this?

Kindof.  Unit will reset and play a file but symptoms occur 10-15 minutes later or after a video ends.

Does resetting to factory defaults solve this?


Have you tried this on other devices?

Yes but both devices were updated to 1.06.34.  Both are exhibiting the same behavior.



Looks odd…

Too bad there’s not an issues exchange for this unit