Webserver - My Cloud EX2

Dear all,

yesterday I got my new My Cloud EX2. For Datastorage everything works fine. But I tried to use the internal webserver to host my websites in Public.

But this will not work, and I hope you can help me to find my mistake, beacause the hard facts should support a webserver for my own websites.


Product: WD My Cloud Ex2 8TB

Firmware: 1.05.30

First I installed phpmyadmin which I need for my databases. Works fine. With sftp I serched for the normal /var/www/ folder, find it, put my data into a subfolder /var/www/mdb/index.html. And I can reach the site with my ip internal:

BUT, If I make any changes for example to the index.html, the changes will not affected to the site. Like the Webserver caches all Sites.

AND, If I restart the Ex2 all my data from /var/www that I created by my self are removed. Very strange.

I do not understand, that if I install wordpress for example from the dashbord that this works fine, an I can restart the ex2 and all data will be still there. BUT, also the problem with caching to the websites. Best example. Install wordpress - works fine - change the config from wordpress with the database connection to a wrong one. Wordpress works fine. It caches the old config. No way the load the new one. AND it is not browser caching. Same Problem to all devices.

BUT if I restart, the config will be loaded and like I think wordpress will not work anymore.

Now my question is, what can I do to host my websites on the Ex2 like on a normal webserver … without caching data, and were can I put my websites?

and yes, I tried the serch enging for many hours but nothing work, thank you

Hi there and welcome to the WD communty.

I have not tried this, lets see  if another user can help with some tips and information on this matter.