Webradio - how easy is this?


I am concidering to buy an WD TV-box but I do  have one question. I noted that it’s possible to listen to webradio and that it’s possible to customize some of the buttons on the remote.

I’d like to connect this device to my amplifier (an Onkyo SR507) which is connected to my tv, through HDMI. My vision is to be able to press ONE button which would trigger the WD box to switch on the amplifier (through HDMI CEC) and play my prefered radio station. That means - no tv-screen switched on, no menus to navigate through, etc. Either through the remote or, worst case, through an app on the phone?

Is this possible?

Best regards,


It˝s not,

you can run app like TuneIn but it won´t play radio station

**bleep**. Do you know of any device that can do this?

What station or stations do you want to play?

ffn as my first choice, a german radio station.