Webdav and MS Office

When opening MS Office files remotely it promts for a user/pass… this appears to be a known issue that is acknowledges by both WD and MS and discussed in the message board.

Firslty, is there any solution now or a predicted update that will solve the problem?

I’ve came across this page which has various suggestsion regarding WebDAV and Office but unfortunately I’m not technical enough for it to make complete sense so if anyone has any insights would be much appreciated.


Searching online sounds like Office can use WebDAV if network drive is set up right (pointing at a WD issue), but also much talk that Office handles WebDAV awkwardly (point at a MS issue).

The fact office files can work with WebDAV makes me think this must be solvable by WD even if MS is partly to blame for its current failure to work.

I forgot to mention in the above that im using Windows 8 and Office 2010.

…Out of curiosity does this problem exist on OSX too as I’m intending on advising / setting up another drive for someone else.

Upon further investigation on another PC this time running Windows 7 and Office 2013 - files now open but display the “downloaded from the internet” message, and when attempting to save cannot overwrite the original file.