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Hello All,

I have been using a My Cloud Ex2 Ultra with a webdav configuration for the last couple of years. I now realize with the new OS version that I am not able to connect with my WebDav clients anymore. Does anyone know of a workaround? Or a way to rever to OS version 3?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Same problem here. Any solution?

This upgrade is a downgrade… See here:

I’m having the same issue and I don’t really understand why they decided to ‘kill’ the WedDav access in this new version?

Is there any workaround to this?


Without WebDAV the main reason for using my NAS is gone… Already ordered a Synology and hope somebody will give me a few bucks for my WD Brick…

Since opening this thread I have ordered and installed a Synology. Works like a charm! Thanks WD!

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Nice. Which one did you get? I went for the DS220j because I just use it for file storage/file sync/backup and don’t do any media streaming or other apps on it.

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Hi ,
same issue here.
Why is WebDav not supported???
A Statement from WD about the reason is appreciated…has it only been forgotten?

3rd party scans to NAS doesnt work anymore.

Is there any statement of WD?
For Sonos users they added a feature with latest release as well.


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I had contact to US support and 3 people answered my question WHY webdav isnt anymore supported, by just pointing at the OS5 feature list…
“Look here, it has been mentioned that WebDAV is not supported and it is my free choice to update to OS5”

Must be a strange reason behind.



The problem is that there is no easy supportable downgrade path from OS5 back to OS3. There are some unsupported convoluted methods available, but not sure how many regular users would want to try these.



A downgrade makes no sense, if upcoming security patches etc won’t be provided for OS3.

WD has all users in their net already.
Usually a no go, ro downgrade the feature list unless there is no swcurity reason for rhis.

But in that case, they can easily argue.
So still very strange


Agree with you here. Best way forward is to try and push WD to make these available as installable packages perhaps. There are a number of packages in the “WDCommunity” group as well, but not sure WebDAV is one of them and also still ironing out the kinks for building OS5 packages.



Need WebDAV here too. We have been using WD external storages for long time, please enable WebDAV in the new OS 5 or at least make it available as a separate app in the App Store… :rage:

I need WebDav. The phone apps that connect to my NAS only have WebDav and not FTP option so no WebDav means I basically can’t use this NAS for what I wanted it.

Need WebDAV too after upgraded to My Cloud OS 5. Somebody please hear us…

I need WebDAV too!

@WD_Admin we need Webdav back to OS 5. Why you drop support?

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