Web UI - which port?

Can anyone tell me which port number the Web UI uses so I can access it over the internet?


I did’nt configure any ports on mine to access the Web Ui ?

I just pressed the Setup button on the Remote went to ‘About’ to get the IP Address of the Hub

(or you could use WD Link Software to Map the Drive which will reveal the IP Address)

And typed it in the Address bar in Firefox … and was in.

Default Password is: admin

Yes, but that won’t let you access the Web UI over the internet

It uses the standard HTTP port, port 80.

**bleep**, I don’t want to forward all standard http traffic to my WDTV Live Hub

Why do you want to “expose” your Hub to the internet, anyway?

opening the WD up to the internet is a really bad idea

the WD has major security holes

once on the internet

anybody can upload files and execute any code they want on your WD

as they will gain root access, very easily