Web UI Status Bar incorrect - shows all disk content present as ".Other"

When I log on to my WD TV Live Hub User Interface via browser the Status Bar at the bottom of the browser window correctly shows the amount of internal disk used, but erroneously categorises that usage. All content is shown as white for “.Other” rather than being split up into different coloured bars to indicate Music, Photos and Video content percentages. I recall it used to work correctly. I think it changed behaviour after I formatted the disk, experimenting to see if the “disk name” was configurable.

It’s on the latest firmware - 2.05.08. I had also changed the Hub name - changing it back hasn’t helped. It’s not a browser problem - same erroneous display via both Chrome and Firefox. Resetting to factory defaults (via button on bottom) hasn’t helped. Completely powering off (pressing Power Button for 5 seconds) hasn’t helped. Interestingly if I access the thing from the television then the Disk Manager option does correctly categorise the disk content.

Any advice most appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

I think it may be influenced by one of the Indexing processes.    Do you:

   - Have Media Library ENABLED?

   - Have TWONKY enabled?

Yes, Media Library is enabled

No, Twonky is not enabled

I’ve deleted all Hub content since my first posting so checking the impact of the above right now isn’t a quick deal. I’m going to re-reset then load up, whereupon I recall Twonky is on by default and I’ll see if it makes a difference. Thanks.

Wow.  I just found that mine is doing the same thing.

The “Minimized” bar is CORRECT;  The MAXIMIZED bar shows all white.

Note:   For me, Internet Explorer ONLY shows the MAXIMIZED bar, but Chrome shows both. 

Twonky is enabled on mine…  Hmmmm.

Twonky’s now enabled, and the issue’s the same. C’est la vie!

BTW, you mention the minimised status bar is correct - in my case it still shows just the correct disk space used albeit in green rather than the white used in the maximised view. Certainly the minimised status bar isn’t split into percentages based on media file type.

I’ve got an unrelated hardware issue with the remote control, so I’m returning/replacing the thing - that should sort it!

Many thanks for your help.