Web UI - "Please Wait" once logged in


I’ve got a WDTV Media Player and just updated to latest firmware after getting the unit networked today. It’s been running standalone with USBs in a foyer until now.

When I login to the WebUI it allows me to login, though once I click on any menu item, it brings up “Please Wait” and a spinning cog. This just doesn’t go away.

Any ideas how to get around this? Doesn’t matter what I choose, this still occurs.



1st … after “updating firmware” do a “Factory Reset

Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default

Then, when accessing the Web UI …

Default Login : admin     

Default Password: admin  

  " i Accept "

Could be a “Firewall” issue or a “Browser” issue  (i would’nt recommend Internet Explorer)

I have No Problems with Firefox 35.0.1 and Firewall has “Allowed” connection

(other computer has Chrome Browser … works fine as well)

I realised cookies weren’t enabled on the computer I was connecting from for some reason. Enabled and all good.

Using Chrome. IE had some weird stuff going on.