Web interface not working


I have updated to the latest version of my MyBookLive.

As I was working on setting access rights on my shares for dirrent users the web interface stopped working.

I have reset my MyBookLive, but it is still the same. I can access all shares with all files but I’m unable to access the webinterface. I have tried both by using ‘mybooklive’ and IP address but still I’m unable to access the webinterface.

How do I get the webinterface back running? I can do ssh, but I need guidance. Please help.

Kindly regards Ruffio

Ruffio, have you tried resetting your Western Digital My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage with a paperclip using the Reset Button located on the rear section of the device?


Soory I didn’t mention that but I do have tried to reset it using a paper clip. Some hours after I tried to just pull the plug and that helped. When the disk came online the UI was working again :slight_smile:

Question to ask is why are some people having problems with the Dashboard UI becoming inoperative?

I am having the same issue. I just got mine today, and I am able to backup files, but when I try to access the web interface I have an incredibly slow connection. If I am allowed to log in at all, the connection is so slow that when I click on settings, for example, after a significant wait I’m told that there are connection issues and/or I’m asked to log in again. I have tried both resetting and unplugging and neither has helped. I have also disabled all anti-virus and firewall protection to make sure that isn’t the issue. Any help would be appreciated!

Maybe it could be down to the status bat at the bottom of the Web UI now waiting for all the file types over the entire drive to be enumerated?  Before only files in the Public share were enumerated.  (It’s a guess.)

So I called tech support, and they suggest that I reset the drive, and update my windows software. Amazing thing happened: I lost all connectivity with the drive. It doesn’t show up in my network devices. If I type its IP address into a browser it doesn’t respond. I even tried to establish a direct connection to no avail.

Any suggestions short of returning it?

If you don’t have Bonjour installed then, for Windows, install the Apple Print services from https://support.apple.com/kb/dl999.  This will install the Bonjour client (Sometimes refered to as “mDNSresponder” or similar). Once done and assumong you didn’t rename your My Book Live, try access it using:  http://MyBookLive.local

If you wish to find out the IP address of your MyBook Live then within a command prompt use: ping MyBookLive.local

what browser are you people using?