Web Download of Firmware Problem

I have a WD TV Live Hub.  It automatically indicates when there is a new firmware update.  However, when I have it download via my ethernet connection to Mac Intel Duo (high speed DSL 7 MB), it stops about halfway and discontinues firmware upgrade.  OK, so I know how to do this using a USB drive.  Even downloading the firmware online from the WD site to my Mac, the download will stop two or three times in the process.  Luckily, I learned long ago that when this happens, I just pause the download and restart it.  I eventually get the download.  (The pain of using my USB drive to upgrade the HUB is that I have to disconnect the ethernet and restart the unit so that it sees the firmware on the USB drive, and doesn’t just try the abortive download from the net.  Then I have to reconnect the ethernet and restart).

So do other people have this problem and is there a problem with the WD firmware server as the download aborts both from the HUB and my Mac (except only the Mac lets me restart the download)?

No problems here … WD servers allow me to download the Firmware File for USB flashing process within few seconds, never stops like your Mac.

I have downloaded even larger files like the GPL code within few mins… It is not WD Server Problem.

The problem could be your Router or the Mac system. Do you have problems downloading files from other websites as well? - That could hint the problem on your Router or Internet Connection… In that case it is time to call your friendly ISP to resolve your Internet Connection issues…

Good Luck!:wink:

I download firmware and program updates regularly and transfer files from several sources (I manage a non-profit web site).   The WD Live HUB update is the only one I have problems with.