Web Access -website restore error

I have a MyBook Live and am using as a network drive to be able to access remotely.

I have set up several users and at least one of them has been able to login and access the drive through the WD2go.com login site… at least while at  work and on the same network… it hasn’t been proved to work remotely, yet, but I think that will not be a problem.

The problem I am having is when I login to the main drive with my email and password, I can see the drive.  When I attempt to view the shares on the drive, it asks for the Network Drive Password (which thus far seems to be the same as the user’s sign-in password), but then Internet Explorer goes to one of those dead screens that says “Website restore error”… I can’t go “back” and trying to “return to the website” I was just on proves useless.  This is on a Windows 7 laptop running AVG Free Edition with the Search-Shield Link Scanner disabled (in case this means anything… it’s disabled because it was causing Gmail to run extremely slow awhile back so I thought I’d mention it).

I AM able to login via a Windows Vista computer that is on the same network here at work.

Keep in mind that I am testing all of this at work, on the same network as the MyBook Live… I can access the drive normally through my network connections, but am trying to make sure web access will work.

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide.

There are a lot of access problems related to IE, do you have the same problem with Firefox or Chrome?

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I tried Chrome and the Chrome browser had me update the java plug-in or maybe even install java (though I’m sure it was installed before).  After that, I was able to access the drive, not only in Chrome, but in IE, as well.

So, somehow, Java was causing IE to crash.

All fixed.  Thanks.