Web access live book duo

I have a live book duo at home and 2 computers at  work I use. Both computers are running windows XP pro and on the same network. Both computers can reach my drive but only one computer can open files, the other computer gets an access denied error. I assume the one computer has something different not allowing it to open files. Any one have an ideas or suggestions.

Try  mapping the drive 

If you are trying to access the My Book live remotely using WD2GO, check if you have the latest java update on the computer that is not working, you can also try using another web browser. 

Thank you for your reply. I installed the latest Java update and tried Firefox browser and still no success.

Thank you for your reply.I tried to map the drive and that did not work.

Are you 100% sure the user name and password is the exactly the same on both computers?  It seems liek a daft question but where I work one user swore absolute that he has his user name and password right.  When I went over to have a look there was a single space after the user name.

Also, at your place of work, could there be a difference in configuration between computers?  Is your work using some sort of transparent proxy?

There are quite a number of reasons why this error could occur.

Yes the user name and password are identical. On the problem computer I can see the files I am trying to access but the files won’t open. Picture files, PDF files all give me an access denied error. I am sure your comment on configuration between the 2 computers is the answer. Unfortunately I am not sure what to look for. Since these 2 computers are on my company network it’s hard to say what configurations are set up on the server.