Web Access Fail

I normally do not like to complain much about things. Normally things work well right out of the box. So let me start a little on my experiance.

So i already had a personal cloud solution in place. No biggie, i liked the way it worked. It’s web access feature really did rock! My hats off to them for that. My biggest problem was that is was terribly slow when transfering files to the drives.

So i decided to find another solution. So i did and it is the WD 3TB WDBCTL0030HWT-NESN. Setup went fine, some things changed when i did a firmware update.

One thing that WD is lacking, is web functionability. See i use mine while on the road, and i access it alot. With my previous setup all i had to do was go log on to their site, and viola, it would show me all my shares, folders and all. I just picked what i wanted to do. From moving files around, renaming files, to downloading and uploading files. All of this while accessing it through the web.

Ok, now for my experiance so far with the WD.

When i access the it through the web, i see my shares, and when i click on one of them it wants to map a drive. Ok, now this is a problem, because i do not want to map a drive. I just want to be able to access my files from my browser. There are times when i cannot map a drive.

I think WD has a lot to learn from other devices out there still. I am a bit frustrated that i cannot do this.

I think the device is great, just need the proper tools to go with it.

When you are remote, the best user experience is through the WDMyCloud desktop or mobile apps. The web access through Wd2go.com is a bit clunky with the Java access, I agree…