Web Access - Cloud Storage?

Hi all, new owner of MBL here :slight_smile:

I bought this thinking that I can have access to my data from the internet, much like DropBox or iDrive, using my iPhone/iPad since I do not carry a notebook PC that can load Java (for MioNet). I am disappointed because the WD Photos app is limited to only photos; no videos nor any other data files.

What are the other options to achieve that? I read about some hacks here using SSH/FTP and such, but what I was hoping is to have perhaps a 3rd partner app like the DropBox interface where I can access to ALL my files in MBL anywhere from the internet.

Or did I buy the wrong product? (I was looking at other NAS products that offer “Web Access”, Bit-Torrent, etc…)

Thanks for any advice. Sorry if this is a repeat question.

The My Book Live has built-in support for Mionet.  Modifying the firmware for the My Book Live is not supported by Western Digital and voids the warranty of the product.