Weather-View in Main-Page

is it possible to integrate the weather (main-page) in the main view? such as music-main-page, video, RSS, etc.

Well … No and Yes (Kinda)

No = you can’t have a Full Weather Info Page like “Accuweather”  (this is a ‘Firmware Restriction’)

Yes = I replaced the “Games” icon with a Weather Icon and Modified the “Games” XML’s * to create a Simple Dynamic Weather Icon and the Temperature overlayed on the Home Screen.

Press “OK”  to Display a Dynamic Picture of the Current Weather and Temperature.

But, now if you Press “OK” it will still Launch the Online Games Service… So i just Press “Back” to continue browsing the Home Menu.

At least this is something slightly more useful than “Games” on the Home Menu  (I dont EVER use ‘Games’)

And of Course i tried Weather ‘Fanart’ as well … which all works fine (pretty time consuming to do ‘completely’ though)

* Games XML’s i modified were: rv_games_page_list.xml & rv_games_page_grid.xml


he Joey, you are a magician :smiley:

of course, i do not need “Games”. (Same for “RSS” and “Live-TV”)

Thank you.

cool, thanks … i started working on it a while ago

kinda lost interest for 2 reasons …

  1. It’s a LOT of work ! :smileyvery-happy:

  2. Pretty sure someone would post  “Where’s the “GAMES” icon ?”  _ Groan … :confounded: _

:slight_smile: yeah, or " where ist the RSS-Icon or LIVE-TV-Icon" -> do you need RSS or LIVE-TV?