Weather icons

anyone know if these can be changed at all and if so how and where are the icons.  thank you.

Yes the weather icons can be changed. They are in the accu_weather folder, which is not included with the Legacy Theme.  However, you can download the GPL 2.01.05 firmware HERE and extract the Mochi theme to get all the Accu Weather icons.

Or you can download my weather folder HERE which already has changed icons.  Just unzip it to your themes “image” folder.

awesome thank you so much, is there any way of getting rid of the black box?

Yes, just replace the icon “main_weather_bg.png” in the accu_weather folder with a transparent icon.

But, beware if you remove the Black box behind the icons. I did this in the Ohagi theme - and when you use certain uneditable services - like youtube and mediafly, there is a white bar across the top of the screen. This means that your weather icons will disapear or smudge into the white … I’ve searched all XMLs to try to remove this white top-bar, and so far it seems impossible…

(but I agree, that black box behind the icons is pretty ugly :slight_smile: