We still can't remove Smartware (Malware) from studio drives?

I’m creating a new thread because I believe in keeping the issue alive.  WD should be providing a means to easily get rid of smartware.  

They should be reminded that their software is not welcome, and that making it so we can’t simply delete it (as I have done with my several older WD drives) is offensive.  I bought an external drive - I never wanted invasive, crappy software and virtual cd volumes. If I hadn’t have been in need of the drive _immediately_ it would have been returned, I should have done it anyway…

People should know that WD drives are now the last brand they should choose.  I’ve been warning my friends (many of whom I’ve previous recommended WD to when asked).   Just avoid the ■■■■.

Reading the forums here and responses from WD, it seems clear that they don’t consider it a problem.  They should, but then again they’re still shipping mac formatted drives which aren’t bootable for intel machines until you reformat them… stupid!  

I agree to all this. The manual says that installation will ask if I want to install TimeMachine instead of this intrusive “Smartware”. Smart for whom? I can’t see how to install this driva s a Time Machine disk only. The firmware upgrade wants administrator rights to upgrade - this is an external drive for heavens sake (or so it seems not to be).!

I am just looking for storage space and not some corporate software searching through my harddrive with administrator rights. Get this microsoft philosophy out of my computer. Now! Why pay for someone to gain administrator rights to the comuter?

So, the option is to go back to the retailer to complain and return…